Common Types Of Bracelet Clasps

Bracelet clasps are one of the most functional elements when it comes to designing a bracelet. It is meant to tie your bracelet and keep it intact on the wrist. If you are in the business of making jewelry, believe me my friend, you are going to have to explore different options for finding yourself the most comfortable and stylish pieces of clasps so that you can further beautify the bracelet that you are about to create.

I have seen many jewelry makers who have created beautiful looking bracelets which any customer would die to buy but the only thing that made them look bad was the choice of the clasps. If the jewelry item is beautiful but it is not easy to wear, then who would want to spend money on such a thing? This can make it pointless for anyone to buy the particular jewelry item. Do you want this to happen with you? If not then it is high time to consider paying attention to the clasps you use for making jewelry.

claspsTake a head start from today and choose the bracelet clasps wisely. The choice of the clasps and their quality can make a huge difference in making the bracelet itself look beautiful. When you will go out in the markets to shop for these clasps, you will be amazed to find them in lots of variety starting from the spring clasps, lobster claps, box claps, to screw clasps and lot more too. You have to choose the one that will look great with your bracelets design and you need to be sure that it is best to use for kids or adults.

Take look at the most common designs in clasps and learn why to use them:

  • Spring ring clasps

These are one of the most commonly used clasps. There is a tiny lever in a circular ring which you have to push backwards in order to open the clasp up. At the other end of the bracelet, there is chain or a loop and you have insert the lever into the chain and snap shut. It is easy to handle and you will not have to worry that will open itself.

  • Lobster claw clasps

It is one of the most customizable clasps of all. It is easy to operate. There is a small spring which helps in keeping the bracelet close until you push the lever for opening it. It is literally like the claw of the lobster.

  • Magnetic clasps

These are one of the most popular clasps meant for kids and adults just because they are easy to use. As it is magnetic, the ends cling together by the magnetic force.

  • Toggle clasps

They are one of those bracelet clasps that are used in the most high fashion jewelry. There is a circular ring at one end and a T shaped bar is there on the other side. You secure the bracelet by passing that ring into the bar.

Be careful in choosing the bracelet clasps if you want to make the bracelets beautiful and comfortable enough to wear.


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