Do It Yourself – DIY Jewelled Hair Combs



The hair combs above are easy and quick and an excellent way to make a special gift. I’ve shared jewelled caps made with rhinestones, beads, old jewelries, buttons, etc.  To make your own, here’s how:
Supplies you will need:
metal or plastic hair combs
beads, chains, gold leaf satin ribbon, gems, rhinestones (I used cheap beads and cheap plastic gems from online store)
thread and needle
glue and hot glue gun



How to (take the rhineston hair comb for example):
1. Make the jewelled felt. Adding all the beads, rhinestones, gems, anyelse you like onto the felt in your own design using a hot glue gun, then let it dry.
2.  Thread the jewelled felt through and weave in and out of the comb. Then allow it to dry.
Get more details here– Golden Leaf Jewelled Hair Comb . Enjoy your crafting time!


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