DIY Leather & Chram Bracelets

Okay, friends, I’m pretty stoked about these chram bracelets I’ve been working on.  See, I’ve been obsessed with tiny beads and charms and I’ve been trying to find a way to turn them into a DIY bracelet. Well, as it happens, I decided to create my own leather & charm bracelet. And here’s what you will need to make a leather and charm bracelet:
leather cord
2mm crimps
bolt rings
connector chain
5mm jumprings
seed beads
pendant charms

Image source:


Anyway – you don’t need special skills or tools for these bracelets, you just have to be able to thread and cut! So, making your leather and charm bracelet will be up to you. I like to add a mix of seed beads (or other small cheap beads )and charms to the centre of some of my bracelets. I got these supplies from my previous project. Pretty simple, right? It’s not too heavy, but they wear well!




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