DIY Wire Flower Vine Necklace

I dont know about any of you, but I had an addiction to buying flower jewelry for a while. Handmade flower jewelry that are gorgeous and colorful were just so fun to buy, but they got to be so expensive. That’s the main reason I feel the need to prepare all the jewelry making supplies so that I can make this spring jewelry.
To make this necklace you will need: 4mm czech glass beads, 4mm glass pearl beads, 0.3mm copper wire, 1.5mm aluminum wire, brass chains, jump rings and lobster clasp.

DIY Wire Flower Vine Necklace (1)
First of all wrap the vine frame. Slide these beads onto the copper wire, and wrap the copper wire around aluminum wire as picture shows. Attach brass chain to the wire wrapped frame. You can use a simple loster clasp to close the necklace.

DIY Wire Flower Vine Necklace (2)

For more step details click here:


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