How to find cheap beads to start making jewelry?

By now, everybody would agree to the fact that online jewelry market has turned into a billion dollar industry. Statistics show that each day, about 2 million people purchase jewelry online. They are going for both costume jewelry and other high quality jewelry. As so many customers are available, the online jewelry market has expanded according to the needs of the consumers. This is the exact reason why many hobbyists have also given second thought about starting their own jewelry making business.

beadsEach day, I am amazed to find a new and rare jewelry item and it always gives me an idea to create something different and something unique. It is not just precious metals like diamond, gold, and silver through which you can create jewelry pieces, there are lots of other materials available as well like wood, bones, shells and how can be forget cheap beads. You are going to agree to this fact too, if you want to work on more and more different jewelry projects, you have to continue adding new jewelry findings and beads in your collection so that the jewelry pieces you make are up to the latest standards. You have to be certain that whatever you are making, buyers are going to be readily interested in all that. This is going to make the customers happy and you are going to maximize your profit as well.

So the question is, how do I make the finest pieces of jewelry for my audience? This is no rocket science, you are simply going to need different types of beads to compliment your jewelry creations. Beads are available in huge variety by now. The ones I love to work with include glass beads, silver, gold, antique, wood, pearls, rhinestone, gemstone, European beads, shells and not to forget acrylic beads. If you do a little research online and get on your feet to visit the markets where jewelry supplies are available, you can get to find cheap beads in their best quality and the most affordable prices. Remember that markets are flooded with suppliers of beads and other jewelry findings. You have to take advantage of this situation to find the most rare and affordable pieces of jewelry. When sellers have the fear that customers might switch to another seller, they are easily convinced for bargaining. So that means you will find cheap beads in lots of variety. Such bargaining cannot be obtained online.

I am a jewelry maker and seller too and I have seen that from kids to adult females, beaded jewelry is in high demand. Even if you want to start a small scale or seasonable business of jewelry making, you are going to find it quite beneficial. It is going to let you make profits by involving less capital. You will already know where to get cheap beads from so there won’t be any worry about searching for the right place.

You can even look for sales and jewelry catalogues and trade shows to find cheap beads and jewelry findings for your projects.


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