DIY Fashion Collar Necklace

Today I will show some DIY fashion collar necklaces below. Because I love free-standing collars which are fun and simple to make. And I can change the look of a simple outfit completely by just adding a collar necklace. Quite amazing, right? Anything will become unique after a little bit DIY.  Now let’s begin the enjoy the collection of different types of collar necklaces.
1. DIY sequined collar necklace with sequin beads, flat back rhinestones,rivets and other garment accessories. What do you think? Do you like them?

DIY Fashion Collar Necklace (1)

2. This kind of project can be as simple as cutting the collar off a shirt with a great beads sewing on. Try to make this beaded collar necklace by yourself.

DIY Fashion Collar Necklace (2)

3. Wow, sweet and simple collar necklace it is! Follow the picture steps below, you can do it.

DIY Fashion Collar Necklace (3)

4. I found this sequin collar on tumblr. Glitter necklace with sequin beads.

DIY Fashion Collar Necklace (4)

5. Great diy ideas with pearl beads – DIY Pearled Shirt Collar. Has it inspired you? Follow the picture tutorial below to make one step by step.

DIY Fashion Collar Necklace (5)

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