Have You Ever Used Steel Beads?

There are some crafting pieces which are used the most other than just beads. Each type of bead available is defined by its decorative functionality, and the way it can be strung together for completing different types of crafty projects. They are not just popular for making jewelry, but they are also used in sewing and other types of crafty projects. There are lots of types of beads available to start different crafty projects and one of them are the steel beads.

steel beadsWhen I first heard of the steel beads, I was not sure if they could be used in making jewelry. If you think the same, it is time to change your thinking. There is one thing about steel beads which is matchless, they can be imprinted in many ways, in which no other beading material can be imprinted. They can offer us limitless crafty projects to work on. That’s why they are now popular in many different crafty projects and even I have started to make jewelry items with them. Speaking of color, size, shape and texture, they are available in plenty.

If you are planning to use these beads for your jewelry making project for the first time, you are going to need some guidance to choose the right ones. Here are some properties on the basis of which you can choose steel beads:

  • Color: Hues in steel beads are not limited. I also thought I could just find them in silver color but when I explored the markets, I was surprised to see them in so many hues starting from yellow, blue, red to orange.
  • Polish: As steel is a metal, these beads are going to have a brighter sheen than any other type of beads. This quality makes them quite attractive. You can even find them in matte appearance for making antique crafts instead of merely jewelry items.
  • Texture: Steel beadings come in a number of textures. You can find them in a random, pattern or even deep texture. They can be molded, etched and even carved into any object you like or wish to create.

There is no big deal, you can find steel beads in lots of shapes and sizes just like any other types of beads. They can be really fun to work with. They are best if you want to make large chains or even rings for men. As it is steel, it is going to be heavy so it is recommended not to make jewelry items for steel beads for children.

If you want to know what they are best for then the answer is crafts. You can make various crafts using these beads. They come in lots of shapes and sizes so you can easily create whatever type of craft you want with to. They are going to be a bit expensive than normal beads because they are made from metal. Be sure that you explore the options both online and physically when looking for beads to get started with any of your crafty projects.


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