Kids with Fashion Ornaments

The goal of fashion ornaments for kids must be in a “healthy” way. I will gather some ornaments for kids! Necklaces, headbands, bows, bracelets, etc. Hope these ideas can inspire you. Then you can DIY your own designs. Enjoy!
Adorable flower necklace, love it!

Glorious flower headband, i want this to be my child’s ornament some day. :)

This necklace design is original and fresh, and so are the fashion looks that they put together. Some kinds of gemstone beads may be used here.

Wow… clear idea! Handmade necklaces with nail polish, small for big! Love to try later…

Super cute headbands for girls’ hair. It will take some time to make this ornament. Worth trying!

Seems to be great gifts for Valentine’s Day! This bracelet is more springish, but I couldn’t resist trying a flower. Well used plastic buttons!

Every girl is a princess!!


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