Christmas Earrings Patterns

Just got some cute Christmas earrings patterns from, would love to share with you here!

cute christmas earrings1
Beaded Blue Snowflakes Stockings Earrings

cute christmas earrings8
Mr and Mrs Santa Earrings

cute christmas earrings2
Christmas Tree Earrings

cute christmas earrings3
Brick Stitch Snowmen Earrings

cute christmas earrings4
Beaded Snowflakes and Stars Earrings

cute christmas earrings5
Santa Claus Earrings

cute christmas earrings6
Christmas Stocking Earrings

cute christmas earrings7
Handmade Christmas Beaded Snowman

All great patterns, hah? I especially love the 2nd Mr and Mrs Santa earrings, so adorable! Unfortunately, none of the above seems easy for me.. what about you? Are you a professional beading maker? If yes, get beads for jewelry making and try them for the the coming Christmas!

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