How To Come Up With Quality Beads For Jewelry Making?

No matter what kind of jewelry making project it is, selection of the beads matters a lot. It can make or break the look of your jewelry item. A simple project to choose beads for jewelry making can be making a mala. This was the first project that I started with because it was simple.

Here, I have chalked out a way through which you can choose beads for jewelry making or for making a mala.

  • The beads you choose should reflect your intentions. It must show what you mean to create.
  • The beads you choose can either have gemstones embedded or they may the simple ones.
  • If you want to choose clear beads, then it is recommended to get the Lava beads.

Untitled1Further beads purchasing tips

  • You must clearly know what type of jewelry you wish to create before choosing beads. The beading choices can vary on the basis of the project you want to get started with. Whether it’s a necklace or a bracelet, the choice of beads will be influenced by what you want to make.
  • It is recommended to purchase all kinds of beads available in the material that you wish to create the jewelry item. For example, if it is a glass beads you want to work with, you can select a variety of glass beads to use.
  • If you want to use focal beads, just be sure that they match the theme of the beads you have already used. It would be fine if you want them to stand out in the necklace or the mala, but if their style does not match the style you want to create, then it would ruin the whole look of the final product.
  • If you want the pattern of the breads to be different, you will have to do a lot of research for that purpose. You can either create one of your own, or you can use the internet to create a pattern by combining two.

Now the most important thing would be to judge the quality of the beads you are about to buy for your jewelry making project. Many people neglect this thing. If you think the seller won’t allow you to open up the pack of the beads to check the quality, you are never going to come up with a nice purchase. Don’t go on opening the back of the beads yourself, ask the seller to show you a sample. He might show you the already opened ones, or he may open up the pack for you. Then you can hold some beads for jewelry making in your hand to see if they are good in quality or not.

Even if you ask the seller to show quality beads, then that may help. I used this trick to find myself some quality pieces of beads for jewelry making. Sellers sometimes can show us better stuff but one thing you will have to bear is the price. Such quality items often come in a higher price.


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