Effective Use of Ring Blanks

Jewelry is a woman’s best companion. It doesn’t matter what type of gem is used in them women always want something to wear for going out or for a casual home dinner. There are also women who have obsession for jewelries that they even like making them as their hobby and some even run jewelry making business as well. Making any jewelry piece like necklaces, bracelets or even rings and placing gems on them require bases or blanks. I love rings and really enjoy making one. I’m going to tell you a bit about making rings by using ring blanks in the right way.

These rings blanks are easily available in the market. You can even ask the hardware shops for making you the ones you like by giving them the design and style. You just have to set the design and voila you got a customized base ready to make a ring out of. But if you are doing this just as a hobby then you can simply choose from the standard designs present in the jewelry shops. These blanks have got a ring shapes in a circle obviously and a base on top of that to place the stone or any gem you are willing to have on it.

UntitledBefore buying any blanks you need to have a clear vision about the style and design you want to make. The ring blanks used quite often are:

Bowl shaped blanks

To use these blanks you should first make sure that the base is neat and clean. Even if it seems clean, that doesn’t mean it is. So, to make sure everything is 100% clean you need a cotton swab and alcohol to clean it neatly for obtaining the best results out of it. If you have got bowl shaped ring blanks with prongs then it would be best if you use a cabochon stone on it. You can easily bent the prongs outwards, place the cabochon stone on it with some adhesive and at last bend the prongs back inwards to make sure every settles in the right place.

Flat shaped blanks

Again it would be best if you clean the blank or ring base with a cotton swab and alcohol to ensure cleanliness before starting the whole process. Wipe the whole thing with a clean cloth after you have used alcohol on it. For flat ring blanks, you need to have along rhinestones that have got flat backs. These make a perfect fit for the flat blanks. You can easily fit the stone on the base with any adhesive to keep it in place. Press the stone hard on the ring base after gluing it and let it completely settle to the base.

You can make use of these wonderful ring bases and make unique and colorful rings for your collection. You can either sell them or just make it for yourself. These are the best and easiest thing you will ever make in the jewelry you have.

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