Dreamcatcher Ideas

Happy Tuesday! Here, I gathered some dreamcatcher ideas for those of you who are feeling crafty! ^_^ I love different hanging decors for home, especially dreamcatchers. They can always make your place warm, sweet and bring you hope and good dream. Do you believe this? If yes, check out the below ideas and try one yourself~

DIY Feather Dreamcatcher

Feather dreamcatcher, the most traditional type of dreamcatchers. It said “Good dreams would pass through and slide down the feathers to the sleeper.” How sweet!

DIY Doily Dreamcatcher

Instead of wrapping the yarns or strings on the hoop, you can use vintage doily. It works great! – Doily Dreamcatcher

DIY Floral Dreamcatcher

Fake flowers or flower acrylic beads can be perfect supplies for making a flower dreamcatcher.

Dreamcatcher hama perler

And the most upgraded version of dreamcatcher: Perler bead dreamcatcher. How creative!

DIY Dreamcatch Earrings

What if you make the dreamcatcher a wearable piece, like this pair of DIY dreamcatcher earrings?

Statement Dreamcatcher Necklace

And at last, we’ve got this dreamcatcher necklace.

Wanna try the above dreamcatcher ideas? Get jewelry making supplies and start your own dreamcatcher!


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