DIY Beaded Christmas Santa Claus Earrings

santa clause earrings

Get ready for the upcoming Christmas! Pair this dangling beaded Santa clause earrings with grey or white sweater and jeans! Enjoy the holiday!

santa clause earrings-

6mm black morning glory beads
6mm green cube glass beads
6mm white pearl beads
8mm white pearl beads
6mm red Czech beads
8mm red Czech beads
10mm red flat round beads
Tibetan bead spacer
Earring hooks

santa clause earrings1


1, Use headpin to thread one 6mm pearl beads and two Czech glass beads. Loop the other end with pliers.

2, Slide a black morning glory bead, a green cube glass bead, a 10mm red flat round bead, an 8mm white pearl bead, a rhinestone bead spacer and an 8mm red Czech bead to a headpin in order onto headpin. Loop the other end with pliers. And we’ve finished the Santa clause body and hat.

santa clause earrings--

3, Add the hat to the body and use one jump ring to attach Santa clause with the earring hook. Repeat to make the other earring. And you’ll have this easy Santa clause ready.

Enjoy your beaded Christmas Santa clause and happy crafting! More tutorials from LC pandahall


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