Fiber Art Jewelry – Wire Wrapped Fabric Earrings and Necklaces

Really beautiful pieces! Never thought of wrapping fabric and beads with wires. So creative designs! Keep up the fabulous work!

BluKatDesign Handmade Artisan Jewelry

fabric earrings Fabric wire wrapped earrings

Fiber art jewelry; earrings and necklaces made from fabric, ribbon then wire wrapped with glass beads. My newest line of upcycled jewelry made from my fabric and wire stash. I just love all of the colors and textures, these are so fun to make! The beads remind me of those expensive art glass beads but without the weight. Like little pieces of art, everything is one-of-a-kind and not mass produced. You can find my fabric art jewelry in my Etsy store. Click on the photos to take you to the items in my store:

purple fabric earrings Purple fabric earrings

fabric earrings Colorful earrings made from Guatemalan fabric scrap

fabric jewelry Fabric and pearl necklace earring set

green fabric earrings fiber art jewelry earrings

handmade earrings Earrings made from fuzzy ribbon

fabric earrings fabric tube earrings

To make these yourself,  see my tutorial : DIY wire wrapped fabric beads.  For more upcycled jewelry, follow my Pinterest board:  Upcycled Jewelry

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