Find Quality Beads For Jewelry Making

Over and over again, people ask whether the beads for jewelry making they are purchasing are genuine or not. They think are the stones or beads they are about to use genuine or not?  It is a general rule that if you are purchasing a cheap material, it is going to be bad in quality but if you are going to purchase an expensive material, it will be high in quality.

Beads are known to be the small art objects which are being widely used for making jewels. Ever since the jewelry making business has become famous, finding beads for jewelry making has never turned out to be an issue. You can even find imitated beads today. Everybody loves to wear such classic jewelry pieces made from expensive pearls, amber and other precious stones. However, not everyone can afford to purchase these jewelry pieces. Furthermore, if you are jewelry designer, you may not have a big budget when you are running a small scale business. In that case, it would be out of the question for you to invest money in genuine beads for jewelry making. I would give you a suggestion here. It was what I did when I first started by business of jeweler making. It provided me a good deal of profit. I chose to make intimated pieces of designer jewelry and sold them on half prices. Finding replica supplies and beads for jewelry making was not a big deal at all. There are plenty of sellers available that are doing the business of replicas. They provide all types of replica supplies without letting you spend more money. Of course there will be a little compromise on quality but it will not be that bad.

11If you want to buy genuine quality beads for making jewelry, you can follow the following tips?

  • Always look at the size of the hole of the beads. If you are purchasing genuine quality beads of pearls, jade or coral then see for the size of the hole. They are usually very small. Hold the bead in your hand and see if the hole is damaged from around. Check if there is any coating on the stone. Mostly the replica ones have coating over the plastic body which makes you think that they are real pearls but in reality they aren’t.
  • The color of the beads can tell what kind of quality they are made of. Plastic, wood and glass beads can be produced in a number of different colors. Some manufacturers have painted the beads, and some have dyed them. If you have chosen any such kind of beads, then they are going to lose their color soon. You will be left with something different in the end. That can be a total waste of money.
  • There are certain sellers who give different names to the beads such as Smokey Topaz, new jade etc. One of my friends fell in the trap of such a seller. It was total waste of money because they were not genuine pieces.

All sorts of beads for jewelry making are available. It all depends on you which ones you choose as per your budget.


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