Acrylic Beads Can Really Come in Handy

Buying acrylic beads, I always had confusion in recognizing which of them are the plastic beads and which are the acrylic beads. When you say plastic beads, they actually mean acrylic beads. This happens because the texture of both the bead types is almost the same glossy texture. Acrylic beads are really synthetic in type. These beads are especially used in making unique and creative jewelry for children and women as well. These are really easy to use and utilize. People buy these for their children as they are easy to use and light in weight.

When I myself started to make jewelry items, the best to use were these acrylic beads. You won’t ever have trouble passing them through cords or any kind of wire as they have holes big enough for wires and cords to pass through. There are many advantages by using acrylic beads. Below are a couple of advantages that you can gain from using acrylic beads in your jewelry:

  • These beads have got different shapes and sizes (4-10mm) and colors to choose from. You can get round beads, tabular ones and even beads shaped in animals and flowers. People admire these beads mostly due to their vigorous shapes.
  • These are light in weight, durable, smooth and they appear very contemporary. Acrylic beads and pendants can be easily placed on wires and cords.
  • They are less expensive than glass beads.
  • You can find these easily in stores at retailed prices and even wholesale prices.
  • You can get these in transparent and opaque kinds in several colors and shades for necklaces, bracelets, anklets etc.
  • Acrylic jewelry can be used in any sort of weather as they are made to stand harsh conditions well.

22Things You Should Consider to Buy Acrylic Beads

I would never have bad quality beads for my crafting no matter what kind of project it is. There are some main things that you need to watch out while buying for the acrylic beads. Take a look:

  • Dimensions

Before starting any project or jewelry item, you need to have a clear idea about the dimensions and the size of the beads. As every bead has its own size, therefore, selection should be done carefully. Every jewelry item requires its own kind of sizes of beads for making them. I was able to find them easily at the wholesale shops.

  • Form

Acrylic beads have got different forms in which they are used differently for every jewelry piece. These beads have got every type of shape of animals and objects. Flowers, heart, cubes, balls, barrels and several other objects shaped into acrylic beads.

  • Stringing

Every bead due to unequal shapes should be observed carefully whether they can pass strings easily or not. This can happen if you purchase low quality acrylic beads.

  • Texture

I would strongly suggest you to observe the texture of the beads while you are selecting the ones to buy. Make sure you buy beads with fine texture so that your customers enjoy buying and wearing jewelry from you.


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