6 Hot Beads To Embellish Your Heels

Beads are so wonderful pieces that can be used for making jewelry, accessories, decoration and so on. Like the below, you can always change your old heels a totally new look! Why not have a try?

NO. 1: Gemstone encrusted shoe for adding glam to your heels, so gorgeous!

gem beaded heels

NO. 2: Wedding shoes can be decorated by yourself, too! White pearl beads and crystal glass beads with flat backs are mostly used!

pearl beaded heels

NO. 3: You may never know wooden beads can be used on shoes, right? But look this one, love them?

wood beaded heels


NO. 4: Rhinestone beads are commonly seed on embellishing the shoes as they are so sparkling that can reflect the light. Do you want to be the spotlight in the crowd?

rhinestone beaded heels

NO. 5: For those who prefer colorful and bright styles, small seed beads can be a perfect choice, as they are so small to be handled and the rich colors can create a impressive look!

seed beaded heels


NO. 6: Sequin beads are something easy to deal with. You only need to use glue to stick the sequin beads on. This kind of beaded heels are always chic and popular.

sequin beaded heels


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