Featured Jewelry Show

These are all handmade jewelry works from Надежда Жмакина, are they amazing? I always love vintage style jewelry sooooo much… In my mind, vintage  jewelry DIY can’t go without the old, retro colored charms & pendants. The bright beaded necklaces or bracelet can be turned out to classic jewels, once being added with some vintage charms, animals, flower, insects, objects and so many charms available there, which all allow us to make our inspiration and imagination come into reality!

Love the antique butterfly link, highlights the whole bracelet, so so pretty!

vintage jewelry

It’s popular to embellish your old watch with some beautiful beads and charms, right? Don’t be hesitated, just give it a go!

beaded watches

Lots of headpins will be need to make these cluster bracelet or the charm bracelet on the right. Guess it’s not easy.

cluster brracelet

Same as the cluster bracelet above, you need to thread single purple glass beads with ball pins and hang them all onto a chain. Then connect the clustered beads with earring hooks. Not hard at all~

cluster earrings

Antique elements like bead caps, bead spacers and links can also create vintage style for your jewelry designs. Love these retro dangling earrings?

dangle earrings


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