Trend of Wholesale Beads in the Modern World

I remember when I was little and I and my best friend used to have beads to create a simple and easy bracelet as our friendship band. Even when one of us got mad we used to give these to make it up to the situation. That was a long time ago of course but after that nobody was interested in making these small hobbies into huge businesses as it was just limited within friends. But with the growing population and minds people have started to take the jewelry making seriously.

To start-up with the business one needs to have a good supply and backup. Start from little items and when they sell well then you can move to some serious workout. Buying supplies and beads from the retailer’s shop might prove to be expensive for you so having yourself the wholesale beads would be best at any condition. Now you won’t have to visit the retailers every time you run out of beads. You can get the collection of your favorite beads from physical shops or even at the online websites with discounted offers when you are willing to buy in bulk.

Uses of Wholesale Beads

Apart from making jewelry I sometimes use those little pearly beads on my braids to create a contemporary hairstyle. I did this once for a wedding ceremony. They not only look good in  scatter form but you can also use them on chopsticks, make a bun and give a fancy look to your hair. You can also sew them onto your usual handbags and even place them on wrist bands for making them ornamental. They can turn out to be real adorable accessories for hair. Using them on decoration for hair accessories wouldn’t kill anyone, would it?

Wholesale Beads Collection

You can choose from several different types, colors and sizes of beads from the wholesale beads market. A few of them usually used are discussed below:

  • Glass Beads

Glass beads were used since a very long time by Egyptians. The most famous glass beads are manufactured in Bohemia region of Czech.

  • Shell Beads

Early humans, like cavemen used to use shells from the oceans and sea left on the shore and made ornaments for themselves since then. Black mother pearl in the shell bead category is the most popular one.

  • Crystal Beads

A crystal bead called Preciosa is the bead used by jewelers for jewelry making. It is available in various sizes and shapes and is one of the most used beads.

  • Semi-Precious Beads

The beads made from semi-precious stones are used in antique jewelry pieces. These include stones like turquoise, tourmaline, opal, lapis, amethyst and malachite. 

  • Copper Beads

This is the oldest material used for making beads. Copper beads are also available in wholesale beads category. You can get them in any shape or size you require for your master piece.

If you want to make a contemporary jewelry item then going for the above mentioned beads would be the best. All you have to do is to buy from wholesale beads sites for budget savings as that is what I would do.


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