Multiple Uses of Wooden Beads You Must Know

I personally love making jewelry out of the wooden beads as they give a very natural and wild look sometimes. They give a very versatile look when utilized for jewelry. These are also used by people daily for thousands of purposes along with making jewelry items. I have come across people who don’t even know about the wooden beads, imagine that. You can utilize beads made out of wood for painting, dying, adjusting in portraits, as hair accessories, making mosaics and several other crafting projects. In making jewelry, they are utilized in rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other fancy items for accessorizing.

Wooden beads are held in place with the help of wires and cords and even chains and straps are used to do so. You can purchase as many as you like from the internet. You can get the very bead you want from the several websites on the internet. The beads automatically bring up creative ideas whenever you see them in front of your eyes. You can utilize the wooden beads in lots of ways. I can tell you pretty amazing ways you can use the beads of wood for yourself. Here they are:

  • Dying or Painted Wooden Beads

All you need to have is pack of beads obviously that are wooden. I would recommend you to get some chunky beads so that they can be painted easily. You will have command on chunky beads more than the smaller ones. Get a primer; it is used before painting the desired color. You will need two brushes one should be regular and the other should be super fine one. Put the beads on a stick and start coating the primer on them. Once it is dried then you can apply the acrylic color you want the bead to look like.

  • Using in Hair Dos

Some chunky wooden beads and elastic bands would do fine when you want to accessorize your hair with these beads. They can be used in hair as they are not light and not even heavy and most of all they do not get stuck in the hair like other plastic beads. Makeup a braid out of your hair and secure the end with an elastic band. With respect to the length of the braid, choose the beads to place them in your braid. Thread the beads in your hair. Do not forget that the more beads you adjust in your braid the heavier your braid will become. This makes a perfect and fancy summer look.

  • Decorations

I am planning to use these on my Christmas tree this winter to give a contemporary and inventive appeal. You can choose the size you want and string them on to the garland of your Christmas tree. That will surely look fancy.

Well, this is not it. A whole lot of more ways are there through which you can use these wooden beads and make the best out of them. You definitely can! All you need are some beads and a handful of creativity.


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