Reuse of Wooden Beads In Today’s Fashion World

Wooden beads are not used in jewelry alone. These beads are very diverse when it comes to their utility. They can be used in designing clothes and in handicrafts as well. It all depends on the person using these beads.

For a while I have been using these beads. I like them because of their durability, diversity and uniqueness in some aspects. These beads are lighter in weight and can be modified in many ways. These can be painted so if you have a set of beads that does not go along with the color scheme of your piece; you can paint them in the color you like.

Another significant positive aspect of wooden beads is that they can be carved as well. One of the recent trends in fashion is to use carved stones or beads in jewelry pieces. Carvings are mainly in shapes of different animals, flowers or other symbolic things which could either be religious like a cross or cultural or spiritual. Some people also carve these with alphabets so to make an ornament with their name on it. This is an ideal gift to be prepared for a loved one. Because once carved, the name will stay there forever.

Among other benefits of using wooden beads, one that I really like and thus prefer to use them is their long life. With time, ornaments or crafts made with these beads becomes worn out shatter in pieces. At that time, these beads are still useful and thus should not be thrown out. In fact new things can be made out of it. This not only helps in saving money, but it also helps in making new pieces by using the material present at hand.

Wooden beads are always in fashion so there is now worrying about its place and trend. I love to recycle things and these beads have always helped me in doing what I like the most. The benefit of using them is that you do not have to worry if they will go along with the rest of design and color of not. These can literally blend in with any sort of texture, design and color. And even if you feel like the color is a little out of balance and place, you can always paint it.

This element of painting make them unique from rest of the beads. Because once painted, these look as new as a new wooden bead would otherwise be. I have been using these in many of my recycling projects. They have never disappointed me in any respect. If I feel the design is a little distorted, I carve it again and thus get a new and unique design what adds extra edge to my piece. After painting these, a light spray of varnish gives it extra shine which makes them stand out and look classic in the whole piece. This way, one can easily and conveniently reuse their wooden beads without spending extra money and in turn get a new and modified art piece.


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