Chokers are Back

Love chokers! The listed 3 can be easily done with simple beads, chains, leather… I’m gonna try..

The Fashion Foot

Do you remember those stretchy tattoo choker necklaces of the late 90’s or the velvet Victorian lace chokers? Well, those considerably fashionable accessories of the 90’s have come a long way. Now, chokers are available in a variety of styles, complimenting women with edgy styles as well as those with minimalist preferences.Celebrities such as Rihanna and Nicole Richie have been spotted sporting the “comeback” style. So, regardless of whether you, consider yourself elegantly understated or bold beyond compare, you will find the right choker for your style. Check out some celeb-studded looks as inspiration for your next choker look!


The boundary-breaking Rihanna is seen here sporting a rather bold spiked choker. Her necklace completes her edgy ensemble and seemingly mullet styled hairdo.


Kylie Jenner has even caught on to the look. She is seen here in a relatively small necklace paired with an all-black ensemble. Honestly, this choker pulls down…

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