Make Bracelet with Wood Beads

Wood beads are hot beads made from natural woods, and have been more and more popular in jewelry making and crafting. They are lightweight, low in price and diversified in shapes and vibrant in colors. They can be used to make fun bracelets or necklaces. Here, I will show you a DIY bracelet with colorful wood beads.


You just need to prepare some colorful wood beads and a leather cord, although simple, it is beautiful, I am sure you can finish it in five minutes.


Follow the below steps to try it!

Step1, thread colorful wood beads and tie knots;


Step2, repeat adding 12 colorful wood beads and tie knots at one end; add big wood beads


Step3, cut the excessive leather cord, and finish the bracelet.


The beautiful DIY bracelet with wood beads is done:


OK, the DIY bracelet with wood beads is done here. Can’t wait to try your own one? Go ahead!




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