Cheap Beads – Battle of Quality And Price

For long, I used to think about this word and finally realized that its one of the many ironies that I can never understand. The word cheap means lower quality and it also means lower price. So when I first heard the term Cheap beads, I was confused as to what it point to. But then I realized that it could be both. There are many qualities in which beads are made. Some are very fine good quality beads while others are made from lower quality material which is not very durable. So it then sits perfectly in describing the quality of a bead.

When I started digging for good quality beads for my newly found passion of jewelry designing, I stumbled upon many kinds and many materials of beads. Each offered some benefits but I was searching for a complete package. In other words, I was looking for quality plus quantity in affordable price. During my search, I tried buying retail and wholesale as well. I found wholesale to be much affordable then retail because the later had additional taxes which raised the price of the product. While the former was much convenient for not only offering good quality product but it also charged a fair price. So that’s when I found my other type of Cheap beads. The ones that was good in quality and price.

Buying wholesale Cheap beads had its perks which was storing them cautiously. When I bought the beads in wholesale for the first time, I got huge quantity of it which was more than my usage at that time. I needed to keep them properly or else the threat was that it will break or will get a scratch. Both the ideas were enough to make me think about a way to store them properly so that any such problem can be ignored.

I started off by arranging them by color, size and type. This wasn’t easy since I bought a huge variety of them. One of the most difficult things was differentiating colors because I mostly buy the ones that are colorful. I rarely go for a single colored bead. So it was hard to arrange them in colors so I skipped it. Instead, I used shapes. So finally I had four categories and I arranged my collection of Cheap beads by following those categories. This made it easier for me to pick out the beads I need in future because now I didn’t have to go through the whole box to see where the beads are.

After handling this issue, I started buying my beads from wholesale shops. This helped me by saving time and money. So my fellow jewelry makers or crafters, no matter why you need beads, try buying them in wholesale because that is the only way you will get Cheap beads that are good in quality, quantity and convenient in price. Happy beading!!!


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