Why I Turned Towards Buying Wholesale Acrylic Beads?

Before I started making jewelry on regular basis, I tried almost every kind of beads, gems, different material for base and much more. This trial and error taught me what material will suit best with which type of beads and designs. Being cost effective is another element that was on my mind in my hunt for best and affordable materials. Therefore it was needed that the material should be bought from different stores and in different quantity to see which will fit my requirements. Finally the lesson that I learnt was that buying Wholesale Acrylic Beads was my best bet. How I came to this conclusion is what I will discuss in this blog.

If you are designing an art piece, the final product does matter but it is not the only thing that does. The cost that you put in it, the effort it takes and the quality and type of material that has been used is of immense importance. Consider for example, if you buy an art piece, let it be a jewelry piece, a dress or a wall piece, if the material is not of high quality and chips off in few days or use, the money that you paid for it went to dust. It is very important for a manufacturer to consider these things when launching their products because happy customers or even one’s own happiness with the overall product is what matters.

Wholesale Acrylic Beads was my leverage point because it gave me all what I needed for my piece to be perfect. These beads are very light weight so they can be used in pieces that need large quantity of bead sequence. It also gives volume to the piece and when worn, feels light as a feather. Another quality of these beads is that they come in huge collection of colors, designs, shapes, sizes and what not. Therefore an artist who loves vibrant and bright colors, classic yet elegant designs or even those who love funky designs should try these beads because all these kinds are now available in Wholesale Acrylic Beads.

Another significance of these beads is that they are cooler in temperature. When designing jewelry pieces for summers, mostly the designers are mainly concerned with the feel of the stone or gem that they use. It is because no one wants to wear a gem that feels hot in summers. Therefore for most of the jewelry designed for summers, the designer go for Wholesale Acrylic Beads.

Wholesale Acrylic Beads are cost effective and that is the best thing that I could hope for. As they are light in weight and when buying them in bulk, I actually get huge quantity. I once tried a bead sequence dress and for that, acrylic beads were my savior. The dress was loaded with different colors, shapes and size of beads but it didn’t felt too heavy when worn. But one tip that I would like to give to all those who use or think about using these beads is that always buy according to your design. Always check the size of hole and size that you want. This is my journey towards using acrylic beads; I hope you will have fun too on yours.


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