An Introduction to Most Common Types of Glass Beads

The glass beads are used for decoration since 2200 BC and they are still most favorite accessories to decorate with. Glass beads were actually used to imitate precious stones. They are being used in variety of ways to beautify and embellish different materials. Not only that glass beads have been used for centuries for trading and religious purposes but also as the form of currency in different cultures. Today you can find decoration of glass beads and innovative architects. Starting from jewellery to ornaments and decoration pieces, they’ve been used to enhance the beauty and prettify the look of it. Glass is actually a great material to add texture, shape and color and that is why it’s molted in order to be used in different forms. In the market today, you’ll be able to find plenty of shapes and forms of glass beads which are used to make state-of-the-art accessories. You will find them in almost every shape and color starting from round, square, tears drop or oval etc. Here are some common types of beads:

  • Wound Glass beads: This type of bead is one of the most common you’ll find in market known as ‘marbles”. They are made through winding method in which glass is molted in high temperature to make it ductile and shaped from inside. Mostly it’s used in lamp work beads.
  • Drawn glass beads: This is yet another piece of glass bead which came from very old Indian culture-Arakamedu from 2nd century BC. They’ve also known as Indo-pacific beads because they have been single handedly traded for a very long time in Indo-pacific region. There are a lot of methods for making drawn beads that are used now, for example seed beads. It’s a very small type of bead but manufactured in large amount in different forms and shapes.
  • Molded beads: Molded beads are the most common type of glass beads in Czech Republic. They are in pressed and round form which comparatively cost less in manufacturing. In 20th century different types of shell shaped glass beads got very famous.
  • Lamp work beads: Lamp work beads are used to decorate lamps. These types of beads are made by heating the glass with a lamp or torch. Once in molten form the glass is shaped in different forms by hand movements and shaping tools.
  • Furnace beads: Another very common type of glass beads are furnace beads coming from Italian culture. In these types of beads no air is blown instead use of large decorated canes built out of smaller canes which are enclosed in clear glass and then extruded in beads with liners or strip shape patterns.

Glass beads are most beautifully patterned and shaped to enhance the beauty of ornaments that you want to decorate or wear as jewellery. 


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