Decorating Your Home With Wholesale Glass Beads

If you have just moved into a new house, then there are lots of different ways that you can choose to put your own mark on the place. Customizing existing fixtures and fittings, and jazzing up low cost accessories with things from the craft section can be a great way to put your mark on your new property, without breaking the bank. If you want a product which will help you to customize lots of different items, then buy wholesale glass beads and begin experimenting with all of the things that you can do with them!

One of the easiest ways to use wholesale glass beads as part of your household decorations is to fill a glass jar with colored glass beads. This works in a similar way to the way that people sometimes fill jars with colored glass pebbles. Putting a number of beads together can help to make the color of the beads appear to be even more vivid. Layer different colors together to make interesting patterns or grade from one color to another. Do not use tiny wholesale glass beads for this or the beads at the bottom of the vase may end up getting crushed because of the weight of the rest of the beads above them.

It is also possible to personalize lampshades with wholesale glass beads. Whether you buy a cheap lampshade which already has a tassel fringe, or whether you make your own and attach it to the lampshade, it is very easy to customize your lampshade with these beads. If you have a lampshade which already has a fringe, it may not be feasible to thread beads onto every tassel, or it may end up looking overcrowded. If this is the case, put two or three strands together and then thread the beads up these strands as far as they will go and secure them on. Choose colors that will enhance the existing color of the lampshade. Once the lampshade is on, these glass beads should reflect and refract the light from the bulb, helping to bathe the room in lots of beautiful colored light.

Using very long pieces of cord, you can make hangings to go in your doorways between rooms or across the patio door. If these are hung across doorways which a lot of light comes though, they can add a pleasant sparkle to your room. When you are hanging glass beads for bead curtains, you should ensure that the beads are properly spaced out so that they are not too heavy for the thread and they will not be too heavy to push aside. Spacing the beads out will also help to enhance the pattern of the beads.

There are a lot of different things which you can do in your home with wholesale glass beads which have not been mentioned in this brief article. If you want to make truly unique items for your new home then you should spend some time thinking up new and interesting ideas to try out with the resources which you have available.

These beads are a cheap but beautiful resource for home decorators. Buy wholesale glass beads online or in a craft store. You can get more information from glass beads wholesale.


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