DIY Halloween Stylish Eye Ball Ring with Halloween Beads and Seed Beads

Hi, boys and girls, do you want to make some easy Halloween crafts? Today, I’ll show you how to make a stylish eye ball ring with Halloween eye ball beads and seed beads. Hope you like the Halloween style ring.


Supplies you’ll need in making the Halloween style beads ring: 

Evil Eye Halloween Beads

Silver Seed Beads

Brass Pad Ring Components

Glue Gun


Instructions on how to make the Halloween style bead ring:

Step 1: Make the base part of the Halloween style bead ring

Use glue gun to fill a brass pad ring base with glue.


Step 2: Add Halloween style beads and seed beads

Firstly, use glue gun to attach a Halloween style evil eye bead onto the middle part of the glue;

Secondly, refer to the above steps to make the other ring. Then, add some silver seed beads to the two rings.


The final look of the Halloween style beads rings are like this:


Do you love the Halloween style beads rings? You can wear the Halloween style beads ring during this Halloween. Have a try~

Snap Buttons Are Here To Rescue


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Wooden Beads Are B.A.E (Before Anyone Else)


Wooden beads will give you the earthy feeling which no other type of bead can give you. and there is no reason why you would not like to have a set of wooden beads for yourself. For a lot of people, they have played a lot with wooden jewelry in their childhood and hence it will instantly remind them and make them feel nostalgic when they have wooden jewelry around. The best part about wooden jewelry is that even though it gives you the earthy feeling, you can make your jewelry feel exclusive and elegant at the very same time. These beads are beautiful and colorful. You will want them in your collection as soon as your look for them in our online store and also place an order right away. We also have a wide range of other beads which might interest you. There are beads which you will look at and will just feel like ordering them instantly. Make your own new wide collection of wooden beads and have fun experimenting them as one might say. Jewelry making is fun since you can start to end make jewelry that you want and can make you want to experiment more than just normal.


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DIY Lovely Glass Beads Star Headband for Kids

Hello, friends, do you want to learn how to turn unused headband into lovely headband for kids? With some glass beads, you can make new life for old headband. Today, I’ll show you how to DIY a lovely star headband with glass beads and old headband at hand. Let’s started~


Jewelry making supplies for the bling glass beads star headband:

6MM Red Faceted Glass Beads

6MM Blue Faceted Glass Beads

6MM Transparent Faceted Glass Beads

Iron Headpin

Bare Headband

0.3mm Copper Wire

0.5mm Copper Wire


Round Nose Plier

Side Cutting Plier


Step 1: Add glass beads to the headband;


Step 2: Add glass beads star

Firstly, combine 8 blue glass beads with a headpin, combine 8 red glass beads with a headpin and combine 8 clear glass beads with a headpin.

Secondly, make a hoop on the other end. Then, combine the blue glass beads pattern, the red glass beads pattern and the clear glass beads pattern together into a star;

Thirdly, add 4 clear glass beads and add the glass beads pattern to the headband;


Fourthly, make two more glass beads star patterns and add them to the headband.


Tada, the glass beads star headband is finished~


Do you like this lovely glass beads star headband? The well combination of the glass beads in blue, red and white color makes this star headband bling. Just collect some glass beads and try to make one for the kids! Have a nice day~

DIY Bling Golden Wire Wrapped Flower Earrings with Glass Beads Decorated

Hey, boys and girls. Wanna make beautiful earrings by yourself? What do you think of this pair of golden wire wrapped flower earrings with glass beads decorated? If you’re interested in the flower earrings, you can follow me to learn the making tutorial. Have a nice try~


Supplies you’ll need in making the wire wrapped and glass beads flower earrings:

8x6mm Red Abacus Glass Beads

12x8mm Drop Glass Beads

15x10mm Blue Drop Glass Beads

1.5mm Golden Aluminum Wire

0.5mm Golden Copper Wire

Golden Earring Hooks

Golden Headpins

Needle Nose Plier

Round Nose Plier

Diagonal Plier


Instructions on how to make the wire wrapped and glass beads flower earrings:

Step 1: Twist the wire into flowers

Firstly, cut a piece of golden aluminum wire and twist it into a flower;

Secondly, repeat the first step to make another golden flower.


Step 2: Make glass beads flower

Firstly, combine six small glass beads with six eyepins. Then, combine one large glass bead with a longer eyepin;

Secondly, twist the other end of the eyepins into hoops. Then, make a glass beads flower with the six small glass beads;

Thirdly, add a red glass bead to the middle of the glass beads flower.


Step 3: Add glass beads flower to the golden flower, add glass bead and earring hook

Firstly, combine the glass beads flower with the two golden wire flowers;

Secondly, add a blue drop glass bead and golden earring hook;


Thirdly, repeat the above steps to make another golden wire wrapped and glass beads flower earrings.

Let’s see the final look of the golden wire wrapped flower earrings with glass beads decorated.


The glass beads flower makes the earrings charming. Are you attracted by the glass beads flower earrings? Wanna try it now? Any problems about the making steps, please feel free to leave a comment. Have a nice day~

Glass Beads Are The Best

ct-bj-062616-cat-11Playing around the  glass beads to make jewellery can be fun. If you are someone who loves jewellery then we are sure that you have loves glass beads and you have already played around a lot with them. If these glass beads are paired up with the right set of colours and other such factors, you will find yourself making a beautiful piece of neckpiece or bracelet, anklet, earring, or any other sort of jewellery. And if you are the one who is going to experiment with glass beads for the first time, do not worry. Our online store is possibility the best place you could stop at. Our online store has anything to everything for you. We can give your first string to the last clasp to complete your jewellery.


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Who Knew That Sea Shell Beads Could Be So Interesting


The authentic shell beads are not very difficult to find. They have their very particular shape and look to it that can easily differentiate them from the rest. However, what you find at our store is completely different. These shell beads are something that you have come across but all this while had no idea that they are called shell beads. Or even the fact that shell beads do have such types of beads. For a lot of people who are into jewelry and love knowing more and more about it, it is not very difficult for you to differentiate between shell beads and the rest other types of beads. But for those who are new into this industry, we know how difficult it may get sometimes. Even as a matter of fact for those who have taken this as a hobby, you probably might just think what is going on with these beads exactly and how many types and variants and everything are really there? Well in that case you have nothing to worry about because we are right here to help you out and guide you through this. It is not very difficult to understand any of this.


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