DIY Pearl Beads Bracelet with Christmas Beads

Hi, boys and girls! Today, I’ll show you an easy DIY pearl beads bracelet for Christmas. With some white pearl beads, red pearl beads, Christmas tree beads, Tibetan angle style beads, copper wires and jump rings, you can also make one pearl bracelet by yourself. Now, let’s get started~


Supplies needed in DIY the pearl beads bracelet for Christmas

Christmas Beads

6mm Red Pearl Beads

6mm White Pearl Beads

0.8mm Silver Copper Wire

Tibetan Beads

Golden Headpins

Needle Nose Plier

Diagonal Plier

Round Nose Plier


Step 1: Add pearl beads to wire

Firstly, cut a part of copper wire. Then, add a red pearl bead and twist the wire into a hoop;

Secondly, add more red pearl beads and white pearl beads. Then, make another loop;


Step 2: Add Christmas tree and Tibetan style beads

Firstly, add a Christmas tree bead;


Secondly, add Tibetan style angle beads;


Thirdly, add more Tibetan style angle beads.


I wear the pearl beads bracelet around my wrist.


Do you like the pearl beads bracelet? The red pearl beads, green Christmas tree pendant and Tibetan style angle beads makes this pearl beads bracelet very suitable for Christmas. Try to make one for yourself or friends!

Make Awesome Jewelry With Awesome Jewelry Making Supplies


Jewelry making supplies are among the coolest ways that you can ramp up into the December spirit. They bring color, joy and creative passion into the fore as you look to settle down into a month of song, dance and buoyant spirits. Creativity is kindled whenever there are many interesting things to play around with, together with the best ingredients to make it all come together without too much painstaking effort. That is exactly what you get with jewelry making supplies. Just step into the online store and begin to see your childish spirits being reawakened as you get to experience the joy of getting a treasure trove, and plentiful it will be like you never could fathom. There are many designs also lined up for your perusal so that you get going into the creative mood.

When you start dipping your feet into the wealth of jewelry making supplies and feel the beauty of turquoise beads and quartz beads, your heart will leap and soar with the realization that you are going to get some of the best natural elements onto your neck and wrists. On the other hand, if you prefer a sleek finish that is best provided by metal, you will find stainless steel pieces to be among the most elegant of the entire lot, on par with gold and platinum. These pendants can make up the most brilliant effect with their classy finish and scintillating shapes. The designs that are available in stainless steel are Cross charms, heart charms, leaf, drops and anchors in the standard color as well as in gold and black.


You will find special offers on some of the best selections such as tiger eye bead strands, cat eye cabochons, handmade lampwork glass beads, natural lapis lazuli beads, Tibetan style links and handmade Millefiori lampwork glass cabochons. Millefiori is a type of glass made by fusing glasses of different colors together and then cutting them across. These handmade cabochons have an inner flower and are great pieces of art. You  can pick a selection of five pieces at about a dollar and a half. There are countless such offers on great creative supplies which are absolutely wondrous when you put them together and strand them to make your own perfect jewelry. Within each material, there are quite many variations such as in polymer, metal and stone that the sky is the limit as far as jewelry making supplies go.

DIY Purple Hoop Earrings with Glass Beads and Pearl Beads

Hi, dear friends, how are you? In today’s post, I’ll share a pair of purple hoop earrings with you. The supplies are minimal: just some glass beads, pearl beads, eyepins, jump rings, earring hoop and earring hooks. Follow me to see how to make the purple hoop earrings.


Jewelry making supplies you’ll need in making the purple hoop earrings:

8mm Purple Crackle Glass Beads

6x4mm Clear Abacus Glass Beads

3mm White Round Pearl Beads

Golden Eyepins

Golden Earring Hooks

Golden Jump Rings

Golden Earring Hoop

Round Nose Plier

Diagonal Plier


Instructions on how to make the purple glass beads earrings:

Step 1: Combine glass beads, pearl beads and earring hoop together

Firstly, combine pearl beads and clear glass beads with golden eyepins;


Secondly, add purple glass beads and bead patterns made above to a golden earring hoop;

Thirdly, add a golden jump ring to the inner side.


Step 2: Add earring hooks

Firstly, thread a clear glass bead, a white pearl bead and a purple glass bead to a golden earring hook;

Secondly, add the purple bead hoop to the golden earring hook;


Thirdly, repeat the above steps to make the other pair of the purple glass beads earrings.

Tada, we had finished the purple hoop earrings with glass beads and pearl beads.


The well combination of clear glass beads and purple glass beads make the purple hoop earrings bling. The making steps are easy to follow. If you have any questions during the making process, please leave a comment below. Have a nice try~

Make Christmas Merrier With Special Bead Jewelry


Christmas beads are special and celebratory with their unique zest and flavors. Paillette beads in plastic and paillette rolls are all you need to get started in your festival preparations. Pendants as well as beads are available as paillettes. The bead strands are available in black, silver, red, gold and all other festive colors. The plastic paillettes are available as flowers, plants, leaves, stars, butterflies and animals. If you prefer wooden and clay beads to be more in tune with the season, Christmas beads are available aplenty in these two materials.

Handmade polymer clay beads in snowman hat shapes are especially suitable for the season with their bright red, purple, orchid colors. With an order of 200 pieces, you can suffuse all of your necklaces and earrings as well as those of your loved ones with these wonderful Christmas beads. Equally attractive are red Christmas shoes also made by hand with polymer clay. Santa Claus beads, wreaths, tress, candy cane with bow are also available in the same material.


Wooden bells, snowman beads, deer and trees are all charming as wood stands out for its creative specialty. Dyed wood big pendants shaped as cabin houses, hearts, and printed wood big pendants of Santa make up a perfect companion to your jewelry creations this festive season. If you are looking for some extra special and unique items, European beads deliver it to you. Garlands, bells and snowflake dangles will make an immediate effect with their artistry. Happiness trees and snowflake charms make up the special beads that you are looking out for this season. There are many more extraordinary designs among the European collection.

If acrylic is your choice, you will discover that there is a great festival package beginning with transparent faceted beads, opaque spray painted hearts, bead frames of trees with silver glitter powder. Mixed color candy beads add lot of color. A transparent acrylic tree makes a perfect pendant. Drawbench gift package beads, tri beads, round pattern beads, spray-painted pendants and lots more designs can be selected from among the acrylic collections.


There are festive discounts on many items with some even at 70 percent. However, if you see just the design that you think is perfect for your collection, it is as special with or without a discount. As the year comes to a close, you have the perfect way to top it up with excitement through beads that capture the season best.

Infuse Shiny And Colorful Glass Beads And Effuse A Gleaming Look

glassbeadsGlass beads are available in such a variety of unique material types that you would have never imagined. While normal glass gets you started into the variety of beads within the category, you would be quite excited to discover frosted glass make an appearance among the choices. The other choices are crackle glass, electroplate glass, drawbench glass and specialty glass. Also making up the category are painted glass and glass pearl. Within painted glass beads, you can select baking paint, opaque and spray painted and transparent and spray painted. Electroplated glass has a vast range of color options. You can go for half-plated or faceted designs within this category


Glass has an appeal that is as strong as those of gemstones with its special relation to light. With strands of glass beads, what you get is quite a rich appearance that delivers a cool look that transcends the polish and gleam of all other stones and their imitations. With beads of alternating colors, the appearance can be quite stunning. Faceted designs can be opted for in both transparent and opaque while the round shaped beads can be used for simple designs. Those plated with gold have quite a regal look while transparent beads of multiple colors create a celebratory appearance. When you go in for half plated beads, you get a whole different effect. Talking of effects, a luster=plated effect can be said to among the most special glass beads. Some colors like yellow and orange add quite a soft tone to the beads which might be suitable for wearing to subdued environs.

custom800With size, those near the 10mm mark are quite grand in appearance while the hole sizes can be chosen from 0.5 mm, 1 mm or 2 mm. If you are worried about weight, normal glass beads are the way to go with no shortage of design or color choices. Imitations of crystal glass can also be picked out among glass collections. Whichever type of glass that you go searching into, you will discover a surfeit of choices that will make you feel overflowing with the richness of possibilities. Imitation jade glass makes you avail of the best of both the exquisite materials. Crackle glass that has been spray painted adds a sporty look to your portfolio of glass beads either as earrings or as necklaces. With one or two tones of spray paint, they have interesting possibilities as well.



Jade Beads- The Most Precious Metals


Jade beads acquire an out-of-the-world sophistication when they are dyed with colors that add exquisite elements to their natural brilliance. The natural color and luster of jade are as good as any of the precious metals around but when jade beads have an artisanship work-over, what we get is something that is outstanding but yet which does not need to be carefully stored away. From the mountains to the oceans, there are so many subtle variations that each string of these diverse minerals makes up much more beauty than most precious metals. The real standout aspect of this mineral is that it brings the best of nature together with its unpretentious charm.

Each special natural stone or creative product brings with it a whole burst of life that instantly links both the wearer and the beholder to the spirit of nature and its exemplary beauty. The different jewelry creations that can be made with jade beads gives you quite a range of combinations of color and chains or other hardware to hold them in forming the most awesome accessory. Be it a necklace or a bracelet, either strung or knotted, a full strand or a half strand, the creative choices that can be fashioned make them a very astounding yet simple adornment for every day.


Each different shade and each unique swirl is an exciting new find when you are looking out to discover new designs and patterns. While every natural stone from different continents is indeed a real thrill to discover, the same can also be said of the creative products that are made by renowned designers. Beads that have been created by designers who are fully proficient in utilizing the magic of light and its journeys through the stones are products that are all about extraordinary finesse.

The creative process brings you close to the real natural processes that have shaped and colored the natural stones from around the world. Green is one of the primary colors of nature and when you have so many varieties and shades, you will be instantly drawn to each such creation. To have a great source of options for your bead collection is akin to be out there around the world, walking the greatest markets that procure each of these unique stones from their natural environment.


Online stores not only offer extraordinary choices but ample scale as well with wholesale buying opportunities that make it quite easy to set up your own designer boutique and set up your own online store. You can make your pick of quantity, shade, size, material, dye and paint making it a platform to suit the taste and requirement of each individual. Whatever your purpose might be, a vacation or a party, you will find that beads have the power to elevate your self to a new dimension with their elegance and grace. Being able to pick up the right components of your jewelry while sitting in the comfort of your home, this is a creative activity that is all about complete ease .

DIY Chandelier Earrings with Turquoise Beads and Glass Beads

Hi, boys and girls! Today, I want to share a pair of turquoise beads and glass beads chandelier earrings with you. It’s quite easy to make the chandelier earrings. The following instructions will show you how to make the chandelier earrings with turquoise beads, glass beads, chandelier component, headpins and earring hooks.


Supplies in DIY the chandelier earrings with turquoise beads and glass beads:

4x3mm Red Abacus Glass Beads

10mm Blue Round Faceted Glass Beads

4mm Round Synthetic Turquoise Beads

Chandelier Components

Synthetic Chip Turquoise Beads

Rhombus Turquoise Beads

Golden Earring Hooks

Golden Headpins

Round Nose Plier

Diagonal Plier


Instructions on how to make the chandelier earrings with turquoise beads and glass beads:

Step 1: Hang beads below a chandelier component

Firstly, hang a rhombus turquoise bead below the inner hoop of the chandelier component through a golden headpin;

Secondly, add turquoise beads and glass beads to a golden headpin. Repeat this step to make four more such patterns;

Thirdly, hang one bead pattern below the middle hoop of the chandelier component;


Step 2: Continue to hang beads and add earring hook

Firstly, continue to hang the bead patterns below the chandelier component;

Secondly, add 2 turquoise beads and a red glass bead to a golden headpin. Repeat this step once;

Thirdly, hang the two bead patterns below the chandelier component;

Fourthly, add a golden earring hook;


Lastly, repeat the above steps to make the other pair of chandelier earrings.

Here is the final look of the chandelier earrings with turquoise beads and glass beads.


Just with the above two simple steps, you can make the chandelier earrings with turquoise beads and glass beads. The making steps are easy to follow. Just have a try by yourself~