Learn from Beebeecraft How to Make a Pair of Cute Halloween Skull Drop Earrings with Beads and Wires

Summary: In this Beebeecraft article, I’ll show you how to make a pair of cute Halloween skull drop earrings with beads and wires.


Halloween skull drop earrings can be an important part of a Halloween costumes. If you’re looking for cute Halloween skull drop earrings, opt for this pair of DIY Halloween skull drop earrings. Here, the following tutorial will show you how to make the cute Halloween skull drop earrings with beads and wires.

Supplies needed in DIY the Halloween skull drop earrings:

8mm Red Frosted Acrylic Beads
8mm Orange Frosted Acrylic Beads
8mm Blue Frosted Acrylic Beads
8mm Purple Frosted Acrylic Beads
8mm Light Blue Frosted Acrylic Beads
Yellow Opaque Skull Beads
Jewelry string Black Wax Cord
Silver Jump Rings
Silver Earring Hooks
Silver Headpins
Round Nose Plier
Needle Nose Plier
Diagonal Plier

Instructions on how to make the Halloween skull drop earrings:

Step 1: Make the main body for the Halloween skull drop earrings

1st, combine a silver headpin with a yellow opaque skull bead;
2nd, cut a piece of black wax cord and wrap the upper part of the headpin with the black wax cord at random (as shown in the picture).

Step 2: Add beads and earring hook

1st, string an 8mm light blue frosted acrylic bead to the left black cord and wrap the black wax cord to fix the bead;
2nd, refer to the above step to add an 8mm purple frosted acrylic bead, an 8mm blue frosted acrylic bead, an 8mm orange frosted acrylic bead and an 8mm red frosted acrylic bead in sequence;

3rd, make a loop on the other end of the silver headpin and add a sliver jump ring. Then, add a silver earring hook through the silver jump ring;

4th, repeat the above steps to make another pair of Halloween skull drop earrings. Here is the final look of the Halloween skull drop earrings.

The DIY Halloween skull drop earrings look fashionable, right? With just a few jewelry craft supplies, you can make the skull drop earrings. Halloween is just around the corner and you can DIY a pair of your own Halloween skull drop earrings at home! Have a nice try!


Learn from Beebeecraft How to Make a Blue Halloween Bat Holder for Storing Trick-or-treat Candies

Summary: In this article, you can see an easy Beebeecraft tutorial on how to make a blue Halloween bat holder for storing trick-or-treat candies.


Looking for a trick-or-treat candy holder? This article will share a blue Halloween bat holder with you. With a few jewelry craft supplies, you can DIY the blue Halloween bat holder for storing trick-or-treat candies. Now, let’s see how to make this blue Halloween bat holder.

Materials and tools needed in DIY the blue Halloween bat holder:

Pandahall Elite 2mm White Seed Beads
10mm Red Faceted Beads
White Sewing Thread
Blue Felt
Yellow Felt
Glue Gun

Instructions on how to make the blue Halloween bat holder:

Step 1: Make the body of the blue Halloween bat holder

1st, cut a piece of blue felt. Then, make a cone with the blue felt and use the glue gun to combine the two sides together;
2nd, cut off four semi-circles along the bottom of the cone.

Step 2: Make two wings of the blue Halloween bat holder

1st, cut two pieces of blue felt and cut them into triangle shape. Then, cut four openings off the longest side of the triangle respectively (as shown in the picture);
2nd, sew a string of 2mm white seed beads with needle and white sewing thread (as shown in the picture);
3rd, sew 3 more strings of 2mm white seed beads (of different length);
4th, refer to the above steps to sew 4 strings of 2mm white seed beads onto the other triangle felt.

Step 3: Make the rest parts of blue Halloween bat holder

1st, use the glue gun to attach two red faceted beads onto the front surface of the blue cone (as shown in the picture);
2nd, use glue gun to attach the two wings on the back of the blue felt;

3rd, cut two pieces of yellow felt and cut them into triangle shape. Then, use glue gun to attach the two yellow triangle shaped felts onto the blue cone (below the two red faceted beads) (as shown in the picture);
4th, cut a piece of blue felt and attach the two ends onto the two sides of the blue cone (as shown in the picture).

Here is the final look of the blue Halloween bat holder.

What do you think of the DIY blue Halloween bat holder? This blue Halloween bat holder can also be used as Halloween hanging decorations to display throughout the Halloween season. So, follow the easy instructions above and try to make one for your kids or Halloween hanging decoration.

Easy Beebeecraft Halloween Crafts for Kids to Make – Stylish Eye Ball Ring

Summary: This is a Halloween easy craft tutorial. With eye ball beads, glue stick and some seed beads available, you can also make this stylish eye ball ring.


Today’s easy Beebeecraft Halloween craft tutorial is on making a stylish eye ball ring. We suggest you to make it with your kids since it might be not so safe for little kids to use glue gun. Now Let’s see how to make this Halloween jewelry step by step.

Supplies in making the eye ball ring:

Brass cabochons settings Pad Ring Components
Evil Eye bead
Pandahall Elite Glass Seed Beads
Glue Gun

Instructions on making the eye ball ring:

Step 1: Make a colorful ring base

1st, prepare a ring base, a glue stick and a glue gun;
2nd, insert the glue stick to the glue gun and press the gun to fulfill the base with glue.
(Do be careful. Do not touch the glue)

Step 2: Add the eye ball beads

1st, add the eye bead to the base with glue gun carefully;
2nd, make another ring by repeating the processes above.

Now have a look at the final pieces of my work:

This is an easy Halloween crafts for kids to make with you. Do not hesitate to make an eye ball ring if you know how to make halloween jewelry!

Beebeecraft Wire Wrapped Owl Pendant in Rapid Way

Summary: Have fun with a wire wrapped owl pendant necklace this Halloween! In the project you’ll be taught how to wire wrap a pendant step-by-step, in less than an hour!

In this Halloween, wear such a cute wire wrapped owl style pendant with black wire frame, sparkling green eyes and yellow beaded body, which may entirely make you the most “Halloween” trendy! In the project, you will mainly learn how to wire wrap a beaded owl pendant with common supplies and wire wrapping techniques!


Supplies needed for the wire wrapped owl:

4mm Orange Faceted Round Glass Bead

6mm Yellow crystal glass beads

0.5mm Brass Wire

Jewelry string 1.5mm Aluminum Wire

Necklace Chain

Jewelry making tools Side Cutting Pliers

Flat Nose Pliers

Round Nose Pliers


How to wire wrap the pendant?

Step 1: Make the wire owl frame

1st, draw the pattern on paper. Pay attention to the size of it;

2nd, cut a length of 1.5mm aluminum wire, then wrap the owl from head by following the pattern on paper;

3rd, bend the long wire tail upwards in a 90 degree;

4th, wrap the short wire end around the long one;

5th, make a wrapped loop at top with long wire end;

6th, remove the excess and flatten the cuts using pliers;

7th, make the eye socket and mouse with wire.


Step 2: Wrap on the 0.5mm brass wire

1st, on top of the owl, wrap the area between two ears to cover the scratches;

2nd, attach the eye socket and mouse. During the process adorn the green 6mm abacus bead as eye balls.


Step 3: Fill the body with 4mm orange beads

1st, keep wrapping the 0.3mm brass wire in step 2 until it reaches to the body part of wire wrapped owl;

2nd, slide 5 Orange faceted round beads on wire and then anchor the wire by 3 extra wraps;

3rd, continue the process above until finish all body part;

4th, wrap the excess brass wire around the bottom of owl pendant.


Step4: Add the necklace chain

Cut a length of chain or simply take a necklace chain accessory. Slide on the owl pendant and you’re done!

What a cute pendant, right?

So, you’ve finished the wire wrapped owl now! Actually, this pendant may be not small enough for most girls that the size is all depends on the original sketch you drew at beginning. Plus, try attaching the pendant to earrings or made it a graceful TB straps and you’ll obtain lots of extra surprise. Hope you will love this themed wire wrapped pendant!

Beebeecraft tutorials on How to Make a Cute Black Cat Eye Mask for Halloween

Summary: Here is an easy Beebeecraft tutorial to teach you how to make a black cat eye mask. If you’re happened to need an eye mask for Halloween, it’s a good idea to make a cute eye mask by hands.

Is it difficult to find out an eye mask that is cute but at the same time in accordance with the theme of Halloween? If you have no idea, let us help you with this tutorial ‘how to make a cute black cat eye mask for Halloween’! Wearing a cute and unique black cat mask at home or on a sleepover is so cool!


What do you need?

8mm round Glass Beads Strand

4mm round Glass pearl Beads Strand

10mm Satin Ribbon

25mm Lace Trim

Cotton Cloth


Sewing Threads



Hot Glue Gun



How to make a cat eye mask?

Step 1: make a cat shape and sew features

1st, cut out two cat shapes from black felt;

2nd, then cut out two larger pieces from cloth and two smaller pieces from white felt as ears, and a piece from white felt as nose;

3rd, glue ears and nose on a cat shape in place;

4th, sew decorative lines of ears and nose along edge of white felt;

5th, glue a pom-pom on nose;

6th, sew cat’s whiskers with white sewing thread.


Step 2: add embellishments

7th, cut a strip of lace trim which is longer than the perimeter of cat shape;

8th, insert a half of lace trim between two cat shapes, sew them while ruffling the lace trim;

9th, add two strips of satin ribbon when sew to both sides as lacing;

10th, stuff the mask and continue to sew;

11th, sew a circle of small beads around each ear part;

12th, sew some large beads over the small ones.


With this cat eye mask, there is no doubt that you must be the focus among your friends. Not to mention that such a cute black cat eye mask is made by you in person. For parties, create a mask to match this eye mask for Halloween party is also a good idea and is easy to be accomplished.

Beebeecraft Skull Brooches DIY – How to Make Halloween Jewelry with Silver Chains

Summary: Have you seen the skull brooch below? This is one of my cool brooches. It is simple to make. Are you ready to have a try? Let’s go!


Skull is frequently used in Halloween jewelry making. This Beebeecraft DIY skull brooch may be a great accessory to match your Halloween outfit. I like simple cool brooches, just like this one. Green hands can join me and make one. Get some chains, a skull bead, and a bare brooch, let’s see how to make Halloween jewelry easily.

Materials needed in cool Halloween skull brooch:

Brass Brooch Findings
Iron Jump Rings
Skull Link
Jewelry making chain Cross Chains
Plier Sets

How to make Halloween jewelry?

Step1:Prepare about 2 pieces of about 3cm long silver cross chain, four silver jump rings, and link the skull bead onto the chains; then add the skull chain to the brooch finding as showed below.

Step2:Get glue gun to glue the skull onto the silver brooch, then add another four chain pieces. You can decide the length as you like so that to finish the cool brooch.

Here is the final picture of the cool skull brooch!

How to make Halloween jewelry? Answers can be various. If you get some materials, you may make another funny craft instead of skull brooch. Have a nice try! Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.

Beebeecraft Simple Wire Wrapped Colorful Skull Beads Halloween Tree

Summary: This is a detailed Beebeecraft tutorial on making simple Halloween craft. I made a DIY Halloween tree with beads and wires. Hope you like it.


This article aims at inspiring those who are thinking about what to make for Halloween decorations. Today I made a simple Halloween craft- DIY Halloween tree with colorful skull beads and wires. Click DIY KIT to buy material box and make one by following the instructions below.

Supplied in the skull bead Halloween tree:

Colorful Skull Beads
Cat eye beads
Jewelry string Gold Aluminum Wire
0.5mm Black Copper Wire
0.5mm Silver Copper Wire
Jewelry making tools Side Cutting Plier
Round Nose Plier

Instructions on making the skull beaded Halloween tree:

Step 1: Make an outline

1st, prepare an aluminum wire and twist it into a circle, making loops at the ends;
2nd, mix and wring some black and silver wires;
3rd, cut off the wires from the middle and tie the wires to the aluminum circle as pictured.

Step 2: Thread the colorful skull beads to finish it

1st, divide the wires to groups by making 2 wires a set. Thread the skull beads to them in sequences and tie the wires tightly to the aluminum circle;
2nd, make the colorful skull tree branches one by one until finishing the Halloween tree.

With just 2 steps, my skull bead Halloween tree is made! I love this simple halloween craft!

So, I’ve finished the diy halloween tree with wires and skull beads! I hope my article would be helpful for those who are wondering what to make for halloween decorations. Besides, there are many halloween skull decorations at this website, so you can find one to make for the coming Halloween.